To commercialize an IHC-based companion diagnostic test (P-topol-Dx) for a class of drug used extensively to treat solid tumors.

About Us

Predictus Biosciences is a Boston University spin-off company that has developed a predictive biomarker for topoisomerase I (topoI) inhibitors. Today, there is no predictive biomarker for TopoI inhibitor, camptothecin and its analogues (CPTs) like topotecan and irinotecan, and response rate for this class of therapy is low. Based on the seminal findings of CPT drug-resistant mechanisms at Dr. Bharti’s lab, a novel P-topoI-Dx IHC test has been developed that can stratify the CPT responder and non-responder patient populations. Since its inception in 2011 Predictus has raised over $2m by grant, investment and pharma partnership.

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